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    • Organizational Structure
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    • Redesign of Processes
      • Control costs
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      • Improve flexibility and agility
      • Integrate emerging technologies
      • Access a high level of expertise
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"Solving people’s and organization’s problems is ultimately what business is all about. Effective selling involves defining your existing or potential customer’s problems. If properly “sold”, a sales prospect will have his problems solved with your company’s products or services. To be successful at selling, you must systematically approach customers with a proven repertoire of qualifying questions that allows you to clearly understand your customer’s current business challenges."
— By Mark Smock

Helping forward-thinking Businesses growth

MNT IT Services combines a partnership and consultancy based approach to manage IT infrastructure. Our strong relationship management framework built over decades, flexible and responsive to changing customer needs with emerging technology-driven business models. With cutting-edge technology solutions and 24/7 operational capabilities, we ensure business continuity and robust IT support systems to large corporations across all sectors. We have partnered with leading IT vendors such as IBM, HP, 3Com, Cyberoam, Acer, Cisco and many more.
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New ways of working., New solutions

Today MNT I.T. Solutions is one of the pioneers in providing solutions on various platforms. We use technology to empower customers by providing them with user-friendly solutions that enhance their productivity. We provides solutions to its customers in specking according to the application requirement, procuring at the best prices, Area wide installation, and one of the best after sales support. Our ideology is to be a consultant to the customer rather being a mere seller.
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Business Process Reengineering

The only thing we ask for is that you tell us what you want. Often, not even that.


Situation in the sales process that ask for background or facts. They are key to understanding a context for uncovering buyer problems.


Problem in the sales process that ask about the prospects problems, difficulties or dissatisfaction. This step is critical as once the prospect realizes they have a problem, they will realize they have a need and people only buy once they realize they have a need or want.


Implication in the sales process that ask about the problems consequences, effects or impacts. This step is critical as once the prospect realizes they have a problem, as pointing out the implications can show the problem is a much larger concern then initially thought.


Need-Payoff in the sales process that ask about the value, importance or usefulness of the solutions. This step will have a large influence on how much the prospect is willing pay. If you can show that there is a very high probability of a high payout by purchasing the product or service, the prospect will be willing to pay a lot for your product or service.
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About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading System Integrators and Automates with vast technical experience and growing cliental base. We started as a small enterprise in 1999. We thank our customers for giving us an opportunity to prove our skills which benefited us to grow our client base. We as a team believe to sale technology rather than the box.
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